Our roadmap serves as a strategic plan and timeline for the development and growth of the DigitalBay Platform. It is essentially a visual representation of the project's goals, milestones, and planned features, outlining the steps the team intends to take to achieve its objectives.

October 2023

  • 31 October: Get ready for the Pre-sale of the DigitalBay Coin on both the Base and Binance chains.✅

November 2023

  • 2 November: Brace yourselves for the Release of the first DeFi Protocol on the DigitalBay ecosystem - Digital Mines, right after the pre-sale ends on both Base and Binance.✅

  • 3 November: The Public-sale of the DigitalBay Coin on both Base and Binance is happening! Don't miss out!✅

  • DappRadar listing - We're making waves in the DeFi world!✅

December 2023

  • 18 December: The much-anticipated launch of the Digital Bonds on the Binance chain!✅

  • Coingecko listing - Our presence in the crypto world is expanding!✅

January 2024

  • Doing a 100,000 DBC buyback into Digital Mines.

February 2024

  • 15 February: Launch of the Digital Farms on the on both Base and Binance!

  • 29 February: Relaunch Of Digital Bonds On The Binance Chain!

  • Coinmarketcap listing - We're reaching new heights, and our journey continues to gain recognition!

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